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Gas Dynamics Tables
Genick Bar-Meir
December 4, 2007
Version 1.3

This document started as a collection of the tables made in the book ``Fundamentals of compressible Flow Mechanics.'' However, since the initial phase it has grown and now has additional tables for various values of specific heat, k = 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.67 etc. Furthermore, the tables are more detailed than those in the book. In fact, there are no known tables that match the depth, variety, and quality of this collection. So, as far as it is known, this collection of gas dynamics tables is the biggest in the world.

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These tables supposed to be used by professionals and students who would like to have handy gas dynamics tables without going through the pages of the whole books. These tables are intended to replace commercial tables.

These Tables were created by Potto-GDC and later where translated by using latex2html versions 1.7. Then they were translated from html to php by toPHP script (our script). The oblique shock figures were generate by a new script that use gd (non graphical part of gdc ) and produces a gle file. The simple operation is:
./obliqueFigur 1.4
and later use gle ob.jpg to generate a eps file. If you interested in this php scrip or the figure script drop me a line.

genick 2007-12-04